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Caucasus: Looking back

Some more curiosities and news: little yellow buses are now leaving every day from Tbilisi to surrounding sights to offer city people the opportunity to explore and enjoy their culture. The little bus and the people in it seem to become a micro cosmos, but no matter how bad the road is people start singing together in a very specific and beautiful way (but don't talk to the Georgian bus driver during the trip!).

By the way, "Caucasus" supposedly means mountain of languages and it some areas it seems as if in every valley people invented a language for themselves. Most of them are not written down though.  

There is a region in Georgia called Svaneti, by the way Svans are the great heros of many jokes. This region is situated in the high Caucasus and far off any roads in good condition. Most houses there have a defense tower next to them to prepare for potential enemies, as the Svans had to fight against other mountain people and invaders from other countries. This is where Georgian cultures was preserved in times of invasion and destruction and maybe therefore Svans actually can be heros of jokes. This is where I want to go next time.

Thinking about curiosities in this beautiful cultures, I would like to go back immediately and explore more! The past 5 weeks now feel as if I was in a different world, but only the clash with my world makes me realize this. Now there's stories to tell and photos to look at, but also - more importantly - thoughts, images and emotions connected to this travel adventure. What was first an inexplicable attraction to the Caucasus, has now some foundation and is still full of attraction. I am very thankful to my Georgian and Armenian friends and their families who hosted me and shared their hospitality with me. Many of my questions would not have received an answer without them. Thanks also to all those people who I met on the road of Kuriosistan and had a good talk with.

                                                       - The end -

Linktext first own pictures (more to follow) (login: email:; password: praktika89)

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